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[04.01-04.25] China Pet Industry News Flash

China’s pet companies are preparing themselves for more progress since COVID-19 has been contained in the country. Here come partial industry headlines in China for you by China (Guangzhou) International Pet Fair Committee.
Ø On April 24, Boehringer Ingelheim announced its cooperation with the Forbidden City Royal Cat Room, a popular IP with cats as the protagonist in China, to launch a series of parasite treatment for cats.
Ø On April 2nd, 7th and 20th, RINGPU, China Pet Foods, and Peidi Corporation released their 2019 annual reports:

Company Revenue (Billion Yuan) Year-on-Year Growth
RINGPU 1.46  23.26%
China Pet Foods 1.71  21.52%
Peidi Corporation 1.01 15.99%

Ø On April 9, Cature, a pet product brand in China, announced the completion of Series A funding of nearly 20 million. The financing will mainly be used for product research and development, setting up R&D laboratories, and marketing.
Ø On April 6, China Pet Foods announced that it plans to invest more 2.55 million yuan to Weihai Haochong E-Commerce, its holding subsidiary focusing on online sales of pet supplies. The capital increase is wished to boost Weihai Haochong to play its advantages in e-commerce operations and expand the online market.
Ø From 2015 to April 2020, more 626 imported dog food and 354 cat food registered in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, recording most from Europe, which followed by North America, Oceania, Asia and South America.
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